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The “Healthcare” System Is Really a “Sick Care” System

The truth is that there are two different worlds of health care.

Since you’re here, you’re probably aware of “alternative” or “holistic” medicine, including naturopathy, functional medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and others.

But the approach that most people have experienced is the traditional insurance model. Some people also refer to this model as conventional, mainstream, or allopathic medicine.

The traditional insurance model focuses on emergencies, acute care, and symptom management, where your insurance will pay for the diagnosis and treatment of a specific condition.

The treatments offered are usually medications, surgeries, or radiation, but sometimes physical therapy and other modalities are included.

Conventional healthcare practitioners are well-meaning, but they are working within a broken system that was never designed to help people heal on a deep level and stay vibrant.

The doctor is limited in what testing they can order for you, how much time they can spend with you, and what treatments they can offer.

Their focus is to manage your condition within the confines of what your insurance will pay for.

The traditional insurance model works very well when you have an emergency like a broken leg, strep throat, or a ruptured appendix. However, this model does not have all of the tools to help you unravel the complex, chronic types of illness that affect our world today, and it doesn’t even have the time to try.

Even more troubling is the fact that there is an estimated 50-year gap between the newest research and its integration into real-world medical practice.

Their focus is to manage your condition within the confines of what your insurance will pay for.


vs. True Healing

If you develop headaches, the conventional doctor may recommend a medication for the pain. And while this can provide relief, it doesn’t address the cause of your headaches. Headaches can be caused by dehydration, food reactions, toxic chemicals, tight muscles, stress, and more.

So, the medication takes your headache away, but your body is still out of balance under the surface.

In reality, the headache was merely a symptom of a deeper disturbance in your body.

Symptoms are key indicators that something’s not right, and your body will communicate with you by bringing it to your attention.

But if we label those symptoms as “disease,” rather than seeing them as indicators that are trying to tell us something, we will only be working on the surface level and masking symptoms.

When symptoms are masked without getting to the root of the problem, it’s called suppression.

Suppression often yields results that are minimal or short-lasting, and it usually leads to more health issues down the road.

Suppressing symptoms is like fanning away the smoke while letting the fire continue to burn.

If we eradicate those symptoms without tackling the underlying imbalances, we’re silencing your body and ignoring the roadmap that would show us the way to your healing.

Your Body Is Wired

for Self-Healing

When you get a simple cut or scrape, you probably don’t worry too much about it or wonder how it will get better.

You know it will heal on its own, even if you don’t understand exactly how that happens.

The truth is that the inside of your body is meant to heal any health issues in the same way.

There is an intelligent healing power – a force of life – flowing inside of you.

This is the same vital force that heals your wounds, makes your hair grow, and keeps your heart beating.

At Attune Functional Medicine near Denver, CO, we acknowledge that this force is always working in your favor to compensate for any imbalances that are going on, and its goal is to heal, repair, and restore you back to optimal health.

Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

– Hippocrates, Father of Medicine.

When your body is lacking the building blocks that it needs for function and repair, or if there are major obstacles blocking the flow of healing in your body, symptoms begin to show up as your body’s cry for help.

When we work together, we serve as your trusted guide and help you become the catalyst behind your own healing.

Why Naturopathic Medicine Works

Naturopathic medicine (naturopathy) is a centuries-old system of health care with a holistic approach to addressing the underlying imbalances that lead to chronic illness or disease.

Translated literally, ‘naturopathy’ means finding the root cause and treating disease and suffering with natural means.

At Attune Functional Medicine, our highest goal is to support the body’s inherent self-healing process in the most gentle and efficient ways by supporting the foundations of overall health.

Contrary to popular belief, naturopathic medicine should not be considered “alternative.”

It should be the logical starting place for anyone because:

Modern naturopathic medicine combines safe and effective natural therapies with the most current advances in science.

And unlike conventional or “allopathic” medicine, which works opposite of your body, the therapies we offer at Attune Functional Medicine work with your body to optimize its healing efforts.

What we do at Attune Functional Medicine is very specialized. We assess our patients on a much deeper level because we understand how to address the foundations of environmental medicine – in other words – how toxic exposures and specific types of chronic illness or infections can be the biggest drivers of your symptoms.

What About

Functional Medicine?

You may be surprised to learn that functional medicine actually emerged from the principles of naturopathic medicine.

Because the providers at Attune Functional Medicine are naturopathic doctors, they have been taught how to assess their patients on the deepest levels since the very beginning of their professional training (without having to “unlearn” conventional thinking).

Functional medicine is simply the coined term for an approach to overall health care that is holistic and patient-centered, and incorporates the latest scientific understanding about how environmental and lifestyle factors interact with individual biology to influence sickness and health. Like naturopathy, functional medicine aims to prevent disease and help the patient live with more vitality.

As natural medicine has gained popularity in recent years, the concept of functional medicine emerged as a way to allow many different types of health care practitioners to offer holistic services to their patients without having to attend naturopathic medical school.

Today, chiropractors, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, and other types of professionals can complete classes, workshops, and seminars outside of their standard schooling to learn functional medicine and serve more people.

Where functional medicine really shines is the use of cutting-edge laboratory testing and diagnostic techniques to uncover the most overlooked root causes of chronic illness.

The advances in modern testing that functional medicine brings to the table allow us to turn conventional medicine on its head and take traditional naturopathic medicine to the next level.

What we do at Attune Functional Medicine is very specialized. We assess our patients on a much deeper level because we understand how to address the foundations of environmental medicine – in other words – how toxic exposures and specific types of infections can be the biggest drivers of your symptoms.

Gaining expertise in these areas requires a lot of additional training, and if you happen to go to a place that doesn’t understand these concepts or know how to address them, then your results will probably be limited or short-lived.

Because we know what to look for and how to treat the problem head-on, coming to Attune Functional Medicine in Denver, CO, will save you a lot of time and resources in the long run since you won’t be going in circles.

We combine the timeless truths of traditional naturopathic medicine with the fresh perspectives of functional medicine to help our patients achieve results they never thought were possible.

The word “attune” means “to bring into harmony” and that’s exactly our mission – to bring your health into harmony so that you can live your best life.

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