Happy Hormones Bundle

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Everything you need to support happy hormones and healthy cycles – in one convenient kit!

This Bundle Includes:

FemGlow (1 bottle)

  • Supports hormonal balance with a proven blend of nutrients, antioxidants and botanicals
  • The perfect formula for a wide range of women’s wellness concerns

DailyFlora Essentials (1 bottle)

  • Clinically-studied strains of probiotic bacteria
  • Supports detoxification and healthy estrogen levels

Super Mag 60 Caps (1 bottle)

  • Highly-absorbable magnesium for comfortable periods
  • Helps to relax the uterus and promote a sense of calm
  • Supports healthy levels of prostaglandins, the molecules that influence menstrual discomfort

Strategic Nutrients (1 bottle)

  • Highly-absorbable multivitamin and mineral blend
  • Provides optimal levels of B-vitamins, zinc, and other nutrients required for healthy hormones

Omega Thrive (1 bottle)

  • Essential omega 3 fats support balanced prostaglandins, the molecules that influence menstrual discomfort

Approximately 1 month’s supply.


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